At Harpers Floral Artistry, we want to make your experience special and memorable. That is why we have developed the oh so romantic-

Victorian Flower Language.

Say what you mean by allowing the recipient to decode the private message chosen by you, hand crafted by us, with love.

Floriography, or the language of flowers, stems from the coded messages of the Victorian era that facilitated the exchange of feelings among the simply unpoetic or those who were forbidden to verbally communicate their passions. Traditionally, different flowers have represented particular sentiments.

Harpers Floriography allows you to chose the sentiment and meaning behind your gift of flowers, we will then complete your gift with a bespoke personalised menu, detailing your chosen flowers and their meaning in the Victorian Flower Language. How beautiful? Literally.

Read below for examples of the beautiful florals and the hidden meanings behind them..

Garden Rose

“Beauty always new.” You probably knew different roses had different meanings already, but did you know there was a perfect one to let someone know they look cute in sweatpants, or without makeup.


“Mental beauty.” A great choice if you’d like to tell your cutie you like their deep-cut Game of Thrones theories at least as much as their butt. I also don’t know how shady the Victorians were so there’s always a chance this one was also a burn?

Beautiful fresh iris flowers with water drops


“Flame, I burn.” I’m gonna level with you, there were a lot of flowers that had borderline horny meanings, but I really didn’t want to delve into them that much, so here’s your all-purpose suggestive Victorian flower.

I have never in my life received something so beautiful, original and thoughtful. The meaning of the flowers brought tears to my eyes, the flowers lasted and were beautiful. Highly Recommended.

Jane Arnold

Let’s make something beautiful together.

Coming Soon…

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